Apr 10th, 2014

Vienna, Austria (by Tarakanov Dmitry)

One of my favorite places
Apr 10th, 2014
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Jesus Christ - Brand New

Do you believe you’re missing out
That everything good is happening somewhere else?
But with nobody in your bed
The night’s hard to get through

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Apr 7th, 2014
Apr 7th, 2014

My heart broken friends once told me that a break up is a death sentence. I laughed, until I found myself teary-eyed and by their side, with the person I was buried somewhere between his screams and the clothes I had forgotten in his bedroom.

I learned then that when you love someone so fiercely that they enter every aspect of your life, the last ‘goodbye’ brings no choice but death. ‘Goodbye’ means rebirth. Packing up and leaving the country. Burning every article of clothing they touched you in. Cleansing your insides with vodka shots that taste like them. Becoming orderliness. Becoming as tight-lipped as your thrice divorced mother. Invoking concern in everyone close to you. Letting no future lover leave until they are as mangled as you.

Now I know, you can always tell how much a person’s loved by how they touch. New lovers’ fingers shake out a three-note song on skin. They touch excitedly, nervously, like kids inching their way into a game they were not invited to play in. My touch comes like a bullet. It understands. It says, ‘This will lead to ruin. Show me what you like.’

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Apr 7th, 2014

Mar 22nd, 2014

"Your soul is haunting me and telling me that everything is fine…
…but I wish I was dead”
Mar 13th, 2014
Mar 13th, 2014
"I wanted to be your first love just as much as I wanted to be your last, and that fucked me up more than anything."
No Man’s Land (k.p.k)

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Mar 5th, 2014
Mar 1st, 2014